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Benefits For Resource Partners

NanoVest supports collaboration and growth within the community. As a resource partner, we want to give you the opportunity to find potential clients in your area while offering startups and small business the opportunity to utilize your services and grow.

Hyper-Local Targeting

We use our matching algrothim to figure out the needs of startups and small business in your area and specifically target your services to them. This allows for higher conversion rates and a better opportunity for in-person contact.

Simple Transactions

Our marketplace focuses on creating the matches. Once the match has been made, we allow your company to follow-up in.

Tap into the Community

Two way internal communication through the use of the Dashboard — present companies you find and search for companies requested by members of your Funding organization. Receive internal feedback on sponsored companies during each stage of the Search process including competitive landscape.

No Expectations

Until you are ready to contact the company, there are no expectations of between you and the company. Keep track of what is going on in your area, then get involved when you are ready.

Stay Up to Date

Immediate notification of any newly registered Sponsored Companies that match your interest. Find new opportunities that would otherwise be hidden.

Sponsored Company Recruitment

Success breeds success. Companies will naturally gravitate towards resource partners that have provided successful support to other startups and small business.