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On August, 4th, we were invited for an interview with Mr. B on his show 3-D News, on WHUP-LP 104.7. In the segment, we discussed the importance of community in supporting local growth, the future of NanoVest, and how we believe our novel approach to local engagement can help encourage small communities to get involved with entrepreneurship. 

Learn more about Mr. B's show at https://whupfm.org/show/3d-news/. If you are located in the Hillsborough, NC area, be sure to tune into 104.7 and if you are not, you can find WHUP-LP on the TuneIn App.

Here is more information about their 3-D News show:

Enjoy a WHUP-style commute every weekday morning with the 3-D News, an informative but somewhat bent look at the previous 24 hours and what’s to come. Rejecting the false notion that ideas have only two sides, host Mr. B and co-host/producer Ms. LaRue piece together an unvarnished compendium of highlights and lowlights from the world around us mixed with some fresh tunes.

The show also includes regular guest appearances by local luminaries and the regionally renowned discussing their work, plugging upcoming events and generally contributing to the betterment of the world.

Send your news tips and event info to 3dnewswhup@gmail.com