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NanoVest Matching Service

Benefits For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and ideas are the core of NanoVest. All startups require validation and funding. Sponsors provide validation. Funders provide funding.

Our Goal

NanoVest is an early stage marketplace that focuses on generating local grassroots economic growth through the active engagement of the startup community. We aim to do this by providing a networking, data analytics, and investment hub that caters not only to startups and investors but also to the many other key members and organizations within the community who are dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs. Our company is adapting a novel approach to supporting local businesses in order to help them receive pre-seed capital from investors in their area.

Our Mission

Our approach to helping the startup community is to build a platform to organize and facilitate engagement between its members. NanoVest is an early stage marketplace, where all members of the community who support small businesses and startups can engage and contribute to help facilitate growth. We believe that in today’s economy, where jobs are primarily located in bigger cities and opportunities are becoming scarce, the best way to build the economy in smaller areas is to create a catalyst for bottom-up economic growth through entrepreneurship. Our goal is to ignite the activity of entrepreneurial communities and help them build a strong network in their area in order to keep businesses from relocating.

How can our program help you?

NanoVest unique validation platform offers more exposure and visibility to investors. This combined with data transparency increases the likelihood for investment.

No Expectations

Until you are ready to contact the company, there are no expectations of between you and the company. Keep track of what is going on in your area, then get involved when you are ready.

Stay Up to Date

Immediate notification of any newly registered Sponsored Companies that match your interest. Find new opportunities that would otherwise be hidden.

Get Notified

Get notified of any changes, new developments in Sponsored Companies you are following. Keeps you up to date with how your companies are doing and what their next steps are.