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Easily manage recurring payments from one card to another

WalletFi is a mobile application that enables banking customers to easily identify and move recurring subscriptions over to a new card. WalletFi's unique algorithm automatically identifies recurring charges and gives users the option to transfer payment to another card within the app. This technology can increase activation rates for reissued cards in the event of fraud, lost, stolen, or replaced cards. By sending the customer a push notification that a new card has been reissued, the customer can take the necessary actions to move over their recurring charges to the new card, all while in the app.

The application is built on top of Plaid's API which allows WalletFi to seamlessly connect with over 18,000 banks and credit unions. Based on read-access only data of users' credit and debit card statements, WalletFi summarizes recurring charges and delivers an aggregated picture of users' financial accounts. In addition, WalletFi provides proactive notifications that remind users of any ending trial periods, new accounts added, and security breaches. In doing so, WalletFi gives users the control to manage their recurring charges, update payment information, and keep their subscriptions up-to-date. All of this helps to ensure that certain bank cards remain "top of wallet".


30% of credit cards are lost, expired, or compromised each year in the U.S. This leads to frustration for consumers, losses of up to $40B for retailers and subscription services, and painful churn for banks (i.e. 10-20% of reissued credit cards are never activated).

The solution is a mobile app that allows users to easily identify and transfer recurring payments across multiple credit cards and financial accounts. By providing users with proactive notifications and the ability to update multiple services at once, WalletFi helps reduce involuntary churn for retailers, subscription services, and banks.

Alain Glanzman
Marc Miller
You talked, we listened now

We're excited to release our newest version. Here's what it comes with: 1) Fixed bug that prevented adding a bank account to the wallet. 2) Fixed bug that caused app to hang on loading screen 3) Fixed general usability/app crash bugs 4) Improved Account Alerts sectionn

WalletFi Raises More Than $300K now

WalletFi has closed an additional $265,000 of funding, bringing its total seed financing to more than $300,000. The company’s early backers include several institutional investors as well as the CEO of a publicly traded bank.

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Founder Ownership: 76-100%