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NanoVest, Inc.
Let's Grow Together!

NanoVest is an early stage marketplace that focuses on generating local economic growth through the active engagement of the local startup community. We have created a matching service that, through machine learning, is able to create learn about your preferences and match you with both companies and individuals in your community. Our platform empowers towns and cities to become agents of their own economic growth through entrepreneurship while demystifying the venture capital market.

NanoVest tackles the complexities of building entrepreneurial communities by creating a hyper local infrastructure that uses our matching technology to eliminate gatekeepers and organically connect individuals and groups based on interests and engagement. Our goal is to unify each entrepreneurial community by providing a centralized platform for discovery, discussion, and engagement.

We hope to create a "plug-and-play" infrastructure solution for towns to support their startups and small businesses and provide them with the access and exposure they need to grow locally. We truly believe in the growth of the microeconomy and we think we can provide a simple solution that will ultimately create more jobs and offer more support for local companies.

Aditya Badve

I have successfully built and sold my startup ventures that have generated substantial revenue which I\'ve used to fund new projects. I am also ...

Sifron Benjamin

Co-Founder & CTO of NanoVest, Inc., Studied Computer Science at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill...

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We have made some major speed improvements on NanoVest.co. Check them out!

Interview with WHUP now

We had a great interview with Mr. B in his 3-D News segment on 104.7. If you would like to listen to the show or our interview (starts at 24:47), please visit: https://whupfm.org/episode/3-d-news-8417/

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Convertible Note
Funding Stage: Seed Date of Close: 01/01/2018
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We would like to use this money to establish a permanent office, develop our technology, marketing both online and in-person events.
Capitalization Table

Founder Ownership: 76-100%

Type Date Received Amount Received Financing Method
05/17/2017 $45,610.00